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Perfect Uninstaller is an uninstaller program for windows operating systems
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It is a common problem that most of the programs and applications that we install in Windows are not provided with a good uninstaller. So, most of the times we get a lot of unwanted registry entries and files remaining in the system. All of these resources are files storing configuration data of such programs in our computer and all the changes we make in the program are stored as such.

Now, Perfect Uninstaller is a program that uninstalls applications and also removes all the unwanted registry entries. All you have to do is select the program from the list. You may also uninstall Windows updates, in case an update can’t be removed by the usual Windows add/remove programs. It is not possible to remove all the registry entries and files, but this tool does a good job on this matter.

Upon selecting uninstall, it starts scanning for the resource files and registry entries that may have been created by a program. It takes a long time to scan, which I really didn’t like. I hope that the developers will improve it.

There is an option called "Force Uninstall", to use in case the usual uninstall doesn't work or if the uninstaller that came with the program is damaged.

The "clear it" button clears the uninstall information from the Windows list of installed programs. It doesn’t uninstall the program, but removes its name from the list of add/remove programs. Be sure that the program you 'clear out' is one that has already been uninstalled. For most cases, I would recommend the "Uninstall" option.

There is also a Start-up Manager, which can be used to enable/disable the start-up items of Windows. I say, this feature is not that effective. The price for the application is also a little bit high. You could get better system cleanup utilities at lower price.

Zack Martin
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  • Forces Uninstall
  • Registry scan is very effective


  • Scanning takes a lot of time
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